“My passion for spin helped me get to the next level. Let's Ride.” - Dominique

Dominique is a passionate and purposed professional with a mindset of servant leadership.

She attributes a large portion of her mindset management to indoor cycling. She began her cycling journey in 2016 and quickly learned that cycling was the missing link that allowed her to release, be free, reduce stress, and escape, all while establishing a healthy exercise regimen. Affectionately known as DSpinn by her indoor cycle community, her energy is infectious. Dominique is sure to give you an experience on the bike like never before. A ride to motivate you mentally while having BIG fun, all while pushing YOUR passion on the pedals! 



"Gospel and inspirational music uplifts and reminds that I'm able to do 'all things through Christ,' and that is why I listen to it daily."

- Shan'tel 

Shan'tel Davison was born to dance. Her choreography career began in 2006, where she excelled at teaching elementary, middle, and high school students for the Martin County School Board. As demand grew, she later began teaching private and group classes in local gyms and dance studios; and also spent time leading her Church's children's praise dance ministry and the adult praise dance ministry. 

Shan'tel started dance fitness as a result of becoming bored with her regular gym workout. It was then that she decided to combine dance with fitness, and in return, created a fun, motivational, energetic, and playful full-body exercise.

She feels that combining worship music with workout feeds the body, spirit, and soul. Shan'tel's goal is to inspire, motivate, and bring smiles to everyone's faces through the art of music and movement.



"I enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals by investing in themselves."

- Desmond

Demond is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Coach, Yoga Instructor, and minister.



"It's important to me to be spiritually lead in everything I do, including teaching fitness classes. Thine will be done"

- Michael 

Michael is a husband, dad, fitness coach and trainer.



"The combination of praise and worship music and exercise is a magical mix for me. I feel like I am operating in my anointing when I'm on the bike; it's where I belong, it's my seat to serve."

- Heather

Heather was introduced to spin in 2009; this was the beginning of her love of the fitness ministry.  Shortly after becoming certified as a Mad Dogg Instructor, she began teaching in the DC Metro area prior to relocating to South Florida. Whether in a secular environment or at church, Heather is known for crafting playlists that ignite the mind and inspire the soul, as she speaks encouraging words that will challenge you beyond your limits. Heather's class is an experience that will leave you feeling mentally and physically recharged! It's an opportunity to exercise your mind, body, and spirit! You will be ready to conquer whatever comes your way!